Title Description Creator Status
fix Steam Works The "Easy" ending on steamworks has some bugs when you try and pick up the awp and i believe its all round generally bad. Either remove map or block ending please <3 Taylor_RL (STEAM_0:1:96124356) Pending
Gangs are broken Deathrun gangs are broken, when you leave your previous gang your previous gang leader can kick you from your next gang as it still shows you in your previous gang. Add an option also to make someone the leader of your gang, demoting you to officer. This is useful if you're a higher gang leader but you want to leave but dont want your gang to be destroyed because you've made so much loot. When you leave I'm pretty sure theres no leader. Cai (STEAM_0:0:145967289) Pending
Fix deathrun knives When you are prestige 2 you cant access any of the prestige 1 knives until you get to that level. For example if you advance to prestige 2 you can only have the crowbar until you get level 5 and you only unlock the M9 Bayonet Autotronic at that level instead of having all of the prestige 1 knives. I think you should be able to access all of the knives from the previous prestige when you move to the next. Kodi (STEAM_0:1:128145553) Pending
You like Dick and balls? McDonks (STEAM_0:1:40009195) Pending